Bringing Your Passions to the World

Luci Allen discovers creative and fruitful ways to develop a new project
and product to benefit others,
plus give her a new sense of purpose and satisfaction.


Sydney-based Child and Family Therapist Luci Allen decided to start Victoria’s Explore Your Passion Project course, to develop a new service that could offer more support for young parents, particularly mothers.

Luci found the 6 week online course to be effective, efficient and loads of fun, pushing her to explore her initial idea by experimenting creatively across genres and encouraging her to take risks within a safe space – discovering that her project had so much more potential than initially thought:


Exploring my Passion Project with Victoria was an incredibly supportive experience. Each week we delved deeply into our offerings, discovering what motivates us, our core values and vision. The creative processes supported me to uncover and prioritise different aspects of my project. I also have more structure and direction and since completing the course, have taken clear steps towards launching my project.”

Unleashing the Passion Project Within
Luci knew the challenges firsthand that her clients faced, and felt passionately that if only the parents could be better nurtured and supported, then their children had more hope, choices, and better modeling for their future lives.

Luci specialises in family therapy and art-play, working for both the government and private practice, and sees first-hand the challenges of parenting for so many. Ironically Luci’s own challenge with time, or having enough of it to focus and develop this project, was at the heart of her Passion Project’s journey. Working so much, whilst studying for a masters, plus creating a home for her own family, meant even claiming the time for this course was a bold and landmark choice.

Her initial idea was to run a Nurture the Nurturer workshop for parents, however as she journeyed through the Explore course she realised that the biggest barrier parents were experiencing was having enough time to learn and deliver these beneficial parenting practices. As a result she came to re-brand her workshops as “TIME TO THRIVE” – speaking both to the pain point her clients were experiencing (lack of time) and the outcome they really wished for – Thriving!

Digging Deeper to Develop an Inspiring Client Offering
Through the Explore Your Passion Project course Luci dug deeper beyond her initial idea to unearth a bigger offering than she had imagined, one that was more accessible and beneficial to her clients, and could also fully satisfy her own passions and determination, ready to launch to the world:

I was feeling stuck not knowing which direction to take in order to do something creative for myself separate to my job. It has given me motivation and inspiration to do this! I feel I have structure and direction now. I have clear steps that I need to take towards launching my project. I know it will continue to evolve and change but I have clarity around my motivations and feel I have the creative tools to address any issues that arise.”

Just an hour a week online in a small group was Luci’s commitment, plus homework which could be as little as 30 mins or longer if she wanted to explore it more deeply.

Luci found the invitation to focus on her project weekly very nourishing, with support and creative input from the group and especially the course leader. Her project took shape in front of their eyes – a joy for the whole group, who quickly became cheerleaders for each others’ projects.

Developing Projects through Creative Exploration
Multiple creative activities on the Explore Your Passion Project course were particularly fruitful for Luci, encouraging her to take risks whilst having fun exploring her project across a variety of genres, including opera, painting, stand-up, a how-to book, even as a cause! “What a ride! Through the inspired, creative processes that Victoria engages us in, the concept for my project has transformed.” These activities creatively unpacked unexpected treasures like revealing branding, positioning, tribe, future-proofing from critics (even oneself) as well as setting her up as a key person of influence in her sector.

“There were many AHA moments. Starting from the first week when I discovered the drive behind my project.” Instead of just having an idea for a workshop, Luci now had many forms in which this project could take: “There were so many directions I could have gone with my project. The course helped me to prioritise which offerings to begin with, giving me a good grounding from which to launch my other offerings.”

From a safe space of innovation and collaboration, Luci came away with a fully-formed product, robust and ready to take on the world.

toria is a treasure trove of incredible insight and experience and her six week program has brought my project to life. I recommend this program to anyone who has an idea, a dream or a passion that they want to birth into the world.”


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