I just completed Victoria’s Explore Your Passion Project Course. I chose to take the ‘Enhance’ Package, affording me Victoria’s personal tuition, input and inspiration. One of the best decisions of my life. Victoria took me from a shambling confused mess to a place of utter clarity, grounded enthusiasm and focus for my next offering to the world. Her process is highly creative, challenging in the right ways, deeply nourishing and 100% relevant. Victoria’s experience as a highly successful creative Producer shows through in her confident, informed and supportive style. Highly recommended. You will not regret working with Victoria.

Catherine Llewellyn (UK)

Founder, Catherine Llewellyn - Coach

Victoria has the fantastic innate gift to help others connect with their innate gifts! She rapidly helped me align with a path that wasn’t initially obvious to me, but now with hindsight it’s so obvious. One of Victoria’s talents is installing belief that we can all become change makers,while her practical side provides the perfect steps to take to bring a dream to reality. I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough and am truly grateful for her coaching.

James Godfrey-Faussett (UK)

Founder, Wild Urban Spaces

I have just completed the Explore your Passion Project 6 week course and what a ride! Through the inspired, creative processes that Victoria engages us in, the concept for my project has transformed. I now have greater clarity and vision about what I want to achieve.
Victoria has led us on a process of discovery. I’ve unearthed hidden aspects of my project that I was not previously aware of and the essence of my project has been revealed to me. Along with this rich foundation, I’m also clear on the practical steps that I need to make. Victoria is a treasure trove of incredible insight and experience and her six week program has brought my project to life. I recommend this program to anyone who has an idea, a dream or a passion that they want to birth into the world.

Luci Allen (Aus)

Founder, Time to Thrive

“Victoria is inspired and highly creative when it comes to the birth of a project. She brings genuine care and considerable skill and experience to supporting the different stages involved and she’ll help you in maintaining your own enthusiasm to see it through. Highly recommended! ” Sarah Patterson and Victoria worked together on Sarah’s Children’s Book and Album – Nandita’s Dream which featured Black Umfolsi and many other great artists.

Sarah Patterson (UK)

Musician, Author, Workshop Leader, The Singing Path

This Sounds Great

I’m Ready!

Super structure & inspiring energy. This is Victoria’s life work.

Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke

Bristol (UK), Mother Wounds: Addressing the Taboo of Silence

“Wow! The 6 weeks Explore Your Passion Project Course just flew by! It was a lot of fun and I felt really engaged with it. I begun with a vague idea at best but Victoria’s concept and techniques, as well as her very supportive personal guidance drew it all out. The course is very intelligently designed and highly entertaining. Plus I love Victoria’s personality. She is brimming with energy and picking up on any hidden potential, always switched on and sharp but gentle and kind at the same time. I felt really safe during the calls and that helped a lot to open up and let the process happen. I would really recommend this course to anyone who is keen on an adventurous journey that will really help you to become clear on your goals, helping you tremendously on your way to launch! More please!”

Steffi Ja (Ireland)


In my eyes, Victoria is a powerful Change Maker. She has the tenacity to “get things done” and artfully inspires this in others. She is vivacious, engaging & encouraging…. yet intuitively knows when to deliver nurturing care and gentle guidance. She recognises the importance of staying aligned to your passion & purpose as you strive to reach personal goals, keeping you beautifully balanced between masculine drive & feminine flow. She can do grand scale production, or just as successfully, personalised one-on-one holding / mentoring with a level of presence that draws you in, activates your confidence & brings your enthusiasm to life!

Cine Holland (Aus)

Founder, Therapist

“I am much clearer in my offering, both in it’s concept and the steps to make it happen. The exercises Victoria uses and the homework stretches me in a really positive way and are a whole lot of fun too. Victoria’s insightfulness and years of experience in the field really shows up in the feedback she gives and adds a very helpful depth to the process. The accountability of showing up weekly having fulfilled my commitments is priceless. In my very busy life, it makes me create a space for my project and grow it every week. If you have a Passion Project and you want it to become a reality then take advantage of this amazing course. It will serve you well. It’s so great to have the support of a well structured course, people to share the journey with and Victoria’s guidance and insights …..and it’s FUN!!

Olivia Seck (UK)

Founder, Radiant Mama

Victoria is a passionate powerhouse and yet deeply compassionate and nurturing. She masterfully creates a safe space to journey and a beautiful playful invitation that sees you exploring and journeying in new and enlightening ways to reveal unexpected wisdom and insight from within yourself. Anyone who does this course will be surprised and delighted at the value they receive from the course and have a fully formed offering to birth into the world.

Catherine Kelly (Aus)

Founder, Therapist

Victoria’s Passion Project course gave me 100% confirmation on what I wanted to put my energy into. She really helped me to discover exactly what I wanted to do. I started the course with a completely different niche but by week 2 that changed for the best. Victoria really opened me up to an expanse of ideas. The course is really fun and creative! Each week my project became more realised and tangible. She is so fun to work with and very insightful. Thanks Victoria!

Tashi Dowling (AUS)

Founder, Digi-tox

Victoria offers

Remote Package 6 session working solo online through these life changing process, without input and feedback  £150
Engage Package 5 session 1:1 engaging with these powerful processes with Victoria offering feedback and creative input £350
Enhance Package 6 session 1:1  deeper dive with Victoria, with extra tasks, input & session to take your project to the next level £500
Plus One off or ongoing coaching session or deep dive breakthrough constellation or even a bespoke idea factory session £75ph

Explore & Develop Your Project or Business Idea  – All Courses includes:

• Unique processes to allow your Project to authentically emerge & become robust.
• Create your Brand, Discover your Colour Palette and Projects Language.
• Clarify the problem you solve for your clients.
• Refine your clients profile, their motivations that make them what to work with you.
• Connect with your “Deep Why” & the Passion that propels the Project, making it easy & exciting!
• Face your Doubts and claim yourself as a Key Person of Influence.
• Create the Map or plot the Hero’s Journey of how you will support your Client.
• Effortlessly generate all the content you need for your website, blogs, social media & advertising.
• Create a bespoke a business model to allow your Project to Flourish.
• Have a skills inventory & galvanize your Projects offerings to be appealing & accessible to your new clients.
• Create and price your packages & define your next steps, in which to successful launch your Project.



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