Discover Your Passion Project

• You know that you have more to give
• Maybe doing a job that simply isn’t you
• You feel that life should be magical and fun
• You’re ready to re-invent yourself and your life

Discovery Questions

& Dance Break

Cue song Born2Be

Let meaning make decision
Trust your true ambition
Create a world that sets you free

Combine you innate wisdom with passion and precision,
Do what you were born to be
Because it’s easy when you’re fuelled by passion

And you’re purpose and pleasure aren’t rationed
Give it all to your love and your life

Give it all there’s no sacrifice

If you had endless time and money - what would you do after breakfast?

Take away all the excuses of time, money, family, space – everything! Then whats on the agenda?

When you see the News or Facebook feed, what touches your heart ?

What do you naturally feel compelled to share or support? Maybe by signing a petition or even donating?

When did you feel the most helpful or purposeful - Who are you with?

This is key – who needs your gift to the world?

Recount three times in your life when you felt totally alive!!

What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you?

What would your life be like if you did not pursue your Passion Project?

Is life a bit dull? Are you living someone else’s life? Maybe endless scrolling on Social Media looking for to inspire you, perhaps connection. You could even be depressed, drinking or worse as self esteem may be at a low ebb. Vs. What if you could be doing what you love, what you were born to do as your job?

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