Explore & Develop Your Project or Business Idea  – All Courses includes:

• Unique processes to allow your Project to authentically emerge & become robust.
• Create your Brand, Discover your Colour Palette and Projects Language.
• Clarify the problem you solve for your clients.
• Refine your clients profile, their motivations that make them what to work with you.
• Connect with your “Deep Why” & the Passion that propels the Project, making it easy & exciting!
• Face your Doubts and claim yourself as a Key Person of Influence.
• Create the Map or plot the Hero’s Journey of how you will support your Client.
• Effortlessly generate all the content you need for your website, blogs, social media & advertising.
• Create a bespoke a business model to allow your Project to Flourish.
• Have a skills inventory & galvanize your Projects offerings to be appealing & accessible to your new clients.
• Create and price your packages & define your next steps, in which to successful launch your Project.


Remote Package Buy Online 6 Week Course - £150

This online course allows you access to this life changing training with all its powerful and creative processes, yet without feedback or creative input from Victoria, and you will need to work through the course on your own. This may suit you for all sort of reasons including time that you have available to develop your project. At any point you can upgrade your package if you require more engagement, creative input and accountability. Still if you apply yourself earnestly your Passion Project will become strong and take on a life of its own.

Remote Online Package access to the powerful processes without creative input and feedback.

“I have done more in one week of this course than in years on my project’ SidikaSpace

Engage Package One to One 5 Week Course - £350

If you’re ready for a deep dive to change your life and engage with your true purpose by making your passion project a priority then sign up. If you’re ready to embody your brilliance and become the Change-Maker you admire in others, then this is for you.  In this package you have 5 One to One Hour Sessions with feedback and creative input by Victoria as you work through these powerful process. Victoria brings a wealth of creative and production experience as well a deep understanding of the psychology of both our your motivations and your potential clients. Your Passion Project will grow in unimaginable ways; becoming strong and robust, taking on a life of its own. Explore your Why, Who & How with others on the course celebrating each others wins!  Know you can upgrade your package anytime and you can continue to access Victoria as a coach as required afterwards for £75ph.

 Engage Package has five 1:1 hour sessions through the processes with creative input and feedback.

Super structure & inspiring energy. This is Victoria’s life work“. Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke Bristol (UK)


Enhance Package 6 week One to One & more - £500

Some of you know or will discover that these processes will change the way you think and even move in the world; as we are Igniting Change-Makers. You will have 6 One to One Hour Sessions plus extra creative input, feedback, encouragement, tasks and processes between sessions by Victoria to leave no stone unturned. Like the Engage Package, Victoria brings a wealth of creative and production experience as well a deep understanding of the psychology of both our your motivations and your potential clients. You also get an extra session to debrief and integrate, unpacking how the process has changed you and how you are in the world, reflect on and the impact you will now have as a Change-Maker. This enhanced course is for those ready to go deep, do the work both physically and internally and emerge ready to change the world with their offering. Again you can upgrade to this enhanced package anytime and you can continue to access Victoria as a coach as required afterwards for £75ph

Enhance Package is the Engaged package with extra feedback, input, tasks and session.

I’ve unearthed hidden aspects of myself that I was not previously aware of and the essence of my project has been revealed to meLuci Allen (Aus) Founder, Time to Thrive









Whatever stage you are at, Victoria and her Life Changing processes can help:

• Remotely working Solo through the process
• Engaging with Victoria for feedback and creative input
• Enhanced Deeper Dive with Victoria to take your project to the next level

“Sometimes its just planting seeds, perhaps starting little fires, yet other times its supporting and focusing an explosion of creativity – either way the results are awesome”  Victoria

I didn’t think I needed to ‘explore’ my project but I really did, because now its so much better. I know what it really is or could be, who its for and how I am going to do it and I’m now ready to Launch – Thank you.” Chris Thompson


Victoria offers

Remote Package 6 session working solo online through these life changing process, without input and feedback  £150
Engage Package 5 session 1:1 engaging with these powerful processes with Victoria offering feedback and creative input £350
Enhance Package 6 session 1:1  deeper dive with Victoria, with extra tasks, input & session to take your project to the next level £500
Plus One off or ongoing coaching session or deep dive breakthrough constellation or even a bespoke idea factory session £75ph

Igniting Changemakers
Embody your Brilliance and
Explore Your Passion Project

Course Packages range
from £150 to £500
start anytime