Discover Your Passion Project

Victoria can lead you through a series of heartful questions that unearth what you really love, who you really want to help and your most easeful way of doing so.  She can also add real value helping you see all the good that you will be offering to the world, by doing something you love. Lets start a fire inside you and have some serious fun!

Explore Your Passion Project

“I have done more in one week of this course than in years on my project’ SidikaSpace. Many things can take priority over your Passion Project, yet on this 6 week online course makes your Passion Project grow in unimaginable ways; becoming strong, taking on a life of its own. Explore your Why, Who & How with others on the course celebrating each others wins!

Launch Your Passion Project

You’ve explored & stretched it across a range of crazy fun modalites to find the right format for the right audience. Your branding & message has been unearthed, now you’re ready to Launch. This 3 month online course is a bespoke, hand-holding course to support and yet hold you warmly accountable, bringing your Passion Project to the World.






Whatever stage you are at:
Discover, Explore or Launch – Victoria’s Passion Project Courses are the perfect remedy to take your Project to the next level.

“Sometimes its just planting seeds, perhaps starting little fires, yet other times its supporting and focusing an explosion of creativity – either way the results are awesome”  Victoria

I didn’t think I needed to ‘explore’ my project but I really did, because now its so much better. I know what it really is or could be, who its for and how I am going to do it and I’m now ready to Launch – Thank you.” Chris Thompson


Igniting Changemakers
Embody your Brilliance and
Explore Your Passion Project

Individually costs £300
for 5 weeks start anytime


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