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Igniting Change-Makers

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5 FREE Bold Ways to Develop your Project

Five BIG processes to transform any idea into a rich and viable offering. Find your brand, your why, your bulletproof platform, your how-to map and your expert-ness. Grab a pad, pen and lets play – seriously!

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Victoria Whelan
Ignites Change-Makers

As Festival Producer she has promoted with Susanne Vega, Deepak Chopra, Rising Appalachia, Charles Eisenstein, Mac Macartney, Deva Premal and Miten, Plus many more awesome speakers and artists who are beacons for the world.

She also co-produced over over 30 albums, plus videos, design and brand launches. A ridiculous creative in her own right with the Seed Festival and over 11 albums, Including SHE Nation #riseinlove

Victoria Whelan is a certified Ideas Factory, a fountain of ridiculous genius! An inspiring entrepreneur helping people transform their lives mostly online. Embodying their Brilliance doing what they love, being a force of good.

Mainly working with Soulentrpeneurs, Eco Lovers,Spiritual Movers and Shakers. She’s passionate about Love’s Role in the Eco Movement. Serious Love. Love as a Muscle for Change!

“Victoria is the real deal. Her own CV speaks volumes and these processes she has devised are a game changer. A Change Maker herself, yet with an ability for deep listening, empathy and holding – this created a safe place to change, whilst being enlivened – even warmly challenged by these excellent creative process” Ruth W. Founder

Victoria offers

Remote Package 6 session working solo online through these life changing process, without input and feedback  £150
Engage Package 5 session 1:1 engaging with these powerful processes with Victoria offering feedback and creative input £350
Enhance Package 6 session 1:1  deeper dive with Victoria, with extra tasks, input & session to take your project to the next level £500
Plus One off or ongoing coaching session or deep dive breakthrough constellation or even a bespoke idea factory session £75ph

Passion 2 Pay

It one of those chicken and egg things, what came first. The main thing is to just do it, just start, commit, knowing its actually you being generous to the world!

You & Me + Us

HUGE encouragement and support for you every step of the way to MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Community, Cheer Leading and Awesome Accountability.

Now is the Time

Transform your Calling into your Business. Embody Your Brilliance: Have the impact you long for in just 6 weeks online and the Cost?  Well you choose – Really Wow – How?

Ideas Factory

Are you ready for an amazing power hour with the Ideas Factory in a heart storming session.
Transform your Idea and brand to reflect the brilliance of YOU and your true calling!

I was surprised and delighted at the value I received from the course. Now I have a fully formed my offering ready to birth into the world.

Catherine Kelly (Aus)

Founder, Therapist

The accountability of showing up weekly, with processes that stretched me in a really positive way. It was priceless and FUN!

Olivia Seck (UK)

Founder, Radiant Mama

This course gave me 100% confirmation on what I wanted to put my energy into and created an expanse of ideas.

Tashi Dowling (Aus)

Founder DigiTox

FREE 5 Bold Ways to Develop your Project

Victoria has so much in her toolkit and is simply addicted to Projects and a certified Ideas Factory!
Product Launcher Album and Festival Producer she helps people like YOU connect with their passion project, where they find not just huge relief as they plug into their life purpose but vibrant energy and aliveness doing something they love, whilst creating more good things for the world. Sign up for this awesome FREE Webinar now – 5 Bold Ways to Develop your Project!

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LETS GET STARTED with Packages starting at £150 and ALL include:
• Unique processes to allow your Project to authentically emerge & become robust.
• Create your Brand, Discover your Colour Palette and Projects Language.
• Clarify the problem you solve for your clients.
• Refine your clients profile, their motivations that make them what to work with you.
• Connect with your “Deep Why” & the Passion that propels the Project, making it easy & exciting!
• Face your Doubts and claim yourself as a Key Person of Influence.
• Create the Map or plot the Hero’s Journey of how you will support your Client.
• Effortlessly generate all the content you need for your website, blogs, social media & advertising.
• Create a bespoke a business model to allow your Project to Flourish.
• Have a skills inventory & galvanize your Projects offerings to be appealing & accessible to your new clients.
• Create and price your packages & define your next steps, in which to successful launch your Project.


Do you have an idea for a Project that needs support to bring to the world?

Victoria will help you access your zone of genius, your true purpose and help you bring it to your perfect audience


Are you desperate to find your true purpose and discover your true calling?

Asking life defining questions, straight to your heart to get you on track with your Project and your Life!

Does your change-making Idea that's already out in the world need some more support?

This course is a playground to explore and discover unimagined treasures about yourself, your clients and  re connect with your Passion Project and Purpose.

Have you a Business or Life ready to go to the next level?

Let’s do a creative diagnostic on it, connect with your brilliance and re-inject the fire in your belly.

Embody your Brilliance Today
Transform your Calling into Business
Have the Impact you long for

Simply email me
or call +44 7734711378