Book a Power Hour with an Ideas Factory

Are you ready for an amazing power hour with the Ideas Factory in a heart storming session.
Let Victoria transform your Idea and brand to reflect the brilliance of YOU and your true calling!

sliding scale starts at £60ph

“Victoria’s ideas are absolutely on point!
She just got me and my vision
which fast tracked my offering
with packaging ideas, client profiling, extra product formats,
plus some super helpful contacts to help me launch.

She genuinely believed in me, and that made a world of difference”



Perhaps you’re unsure of your project format or what to do next?


Perhaps your current project has lost focus or energy!


Fancy hanging out with an ‘Ideas Factory’ and get loads of ridiculous downloads & inspiration?


You could be at any stage, so lets explore and claim this time to get it right!

Exploring Your Why

Often we have an idea for a project and start it without finding its true “Why”.
The “Why” gives the project “roots” and propels it to grow and have a life of its own.
So it can provide you with an income doing what you love.

Ridiculous Fun

We have so much FUN exploring your Passion Project. imagine your Book as a Painting or your Workshop Idea as a Opera, or even a Humanitarian Cause as a Comedy. Nothing is spared as we unearth unexpected treasure that adds real value to your core offering.


Why Me

The most common excuse is that its been done before, but has it been done with your unique style? Has it been done for your tribe or networks? Besides all this – the world needs more goodness and people doing what they love 24/7 – WE NEED YOU!

Your Wellbeing

What if after breakfast you did what you truly loved and it seriously helped loads of people? Feels good – right? Maybe swap some needless screen time to precious time coming up with more great ideas to fuel your passions & create the life of your dreams.

About Me

“Victoria is simply brilliant at this work and IS a certified ‘Idea Factory’.
Seriously her ideas are GOLD!”

As a Producer and Creative, Victoria helps people like YOU connect with their Calling and transform into a Business, where they find huge relief as they plug into their life purpose plus a vibrant energy and aliveness doing something they love, whilst creating more good things for the world.

Victoria produces albums, artwork, videos, festivals, as well as branding and product launches . She is a fountain of creative ideas aka  ‘Ideas Factory’ and an inspiring entrepreneur helping many transform their lives; living the life of their dreams, doing what they love.